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Category 1 Crews (Initial Attack Fire Crews)
Category 1 crews, or what is often referred to as Initial Attack Fire Crews, are ones that go to the fire when it is at its most active stage. There may be a lot of flame, heat and smoke. It is this crews responsibility to bring the fire into a state of being held, where further spread is not anticipated. To be eligible for employment on a Ministry of Natural Resources Category 1 crew you must have the following training/testing as a minimum.
  • S-100 Forest Fire Fighter Training Certification
  • PRE-FIT test
  • Emergency First Aid

Category 2 Crews (Sustained Action Crews)
Crews whose main function is to carry out sustained attack and mop-up. A category 2 crew may also provide support to a category 1 crew on initial attack or be assigned to carry out suppression action along a section of fireline. Assignment potential is limited to fires or fireline with low to moderate fire behaviour

  • S-100 Forest fire fighter Training Certification
  • PAR-Q and Blood Pressure Clearance
  • Emergency First Aid

The following is a list of additional training courses that are highly recommended. If you choose not to take the recommended courses it does not mean you will not get hired, but they will increase your chances of employment.

To be eligible for employment with the Ministry of Natural Resources you require as a minimum a valid Class "G" driver's license.

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