Self-testing in preparation for PRE-FIT

Following are some ways you can assess for yourself whether or not you are ready to take the PRE-FIT testing required in order to work as an Initial Attack forest fire fighter in Ontario.
If you are unsure of your physical fitness, we recommend that you undergo this testing before taking the S-100 course in order to avoid a perhaps unneccessary expense. Note, however, that you will still be able to work as a Category Two fire fighter without successful completion of PRE-FIT, as long as you PAR-Q and blood pressure clearance.


Aerobic Fitness

Completion of stage 6.0 on the aerobic shuttle run requires approximately the same level of aerobic fitness as running 2.2 km in 12 minutes. Test yourself by running for 12 minutes, then measure the distance you covered using your car's odometer.


Upright Row

Perform the upright row using a 51 lb bar. Completing twelve consecutive lifts at a rate of 20 lifts per minute is a 'pass'.


Pump/Hose Test

In preparation for this test: 1) distribute 9 lb of sand evenly among several plastic sandwich bags and tape the bags to a belt. 2) put 63 lb of sand into a back-pack, and 3) attach a rope to a toboggan or a piece of plywood upon which you can place the 63 lb back-pack.
To test yourself: wearing the 9 lb belt, lift the back-pack off the ground and onto your back, then walk 50 metres out and back for a total of 100 metres. Remove the back-pack and place it on the ground, then immediately pick it up again and replace it on your back (start the timer as you place the back-pack on the ground). Walk briskly 75 metres out and back twice for a total of 300 metres, then place the back-pack on the toboggan or plywood sled. Grasp the rope attached to the sled and, at a brisk walking pace, drag the weighted sled out 50 metres and back twice for a total of 200 metres. Stop the timer when you complete the 200 metres. A completion time of 340 seconds of faster is a 'pass'.


Overall Scoring

Although borderline scores on any 2 or the 3 test components are acceptable, aim to pass all test components and remember to do you best because scores beyond the minimum 'pass' score will be taken into account when hiring decisions are made!

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