La Comtesse de Baton Rouge

dir Andre Forcier - Freakery, fantasy, filmmaking and how these three things often interact, to the enduring delight and sorrow of all involved. That's the ambitious philosophical ground that La Comtesse De Baton Rouge, the new film from Quebec director André Forcier (A Wind From Wyoming), attempts to cover -- and does, though not always successfully. When a projectionist claims there's an extra character in a Montreal director's most autobiographical film, he realizes that the screen is being haunted by the ghost of his long-lost true love, self-titled "Countess" Paula Paul de Nerval, "the sexiest bearded woman in the world." The audience must pick and choose between the "real" past, and its various cinematic re-interpretations, and a present-tense narrative which quickly becomes almost as odd as either -- a cross-cut mnemonic steam bath that's occasionally incoherent, but never boring. Nominated for 10 Genie Awards. Starring Robin Aubert, Genevieve Brouillette (Canada 1997) AA 100 min. subtitled.

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