A bird's eye view of the campus.

What follows here are some images of what the place where I work looks like from the outside.

Here is my ride, all aboard now.

Here we are high above the south end of the campus, over the Heavy Equipment outbuildings. The proximity to the graveyard is purely coincidental.

Below is the main building
Top left you can see one of the residence buildings. The top right quarter is the sports complex.
The leftmost arrow points at the construction going on right now for the new student center. The middle arrow points at my office (yes, that's a balcony!). The rightmost arrow points at my car :)


Here we are flying low over the drill shed. At Christmas time there are some lovely Christmas lights hung from the rigs.


Below is the Outdoor center. Not sure what happens there. Some outdoorsy stuff, I'm sure. I missed the rapelling tower, which is nearby.


And here is Mike, directing traffic. I still managed to nearly get my head chopped off.